How to Manage JEE and Board Exams

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Jan 02 2023
How to Manage both JEE and BOARDS ?
Both BOARD and JEE are important exams when it comes to deciding students’ careers. While marks scored in BOARD will be there with you for the rest of your life, the one scored in JEE gets you to your dream college that would change the entire course of your life. Both of them test the different domains of students’ brains. On one hand, BOARD focuses more on the Subjective questions based on NCERT, on the other hand JEE tests the application of all the concepts and theories learned in the form of MCQs.

For instance, questions asked in Board may be related to defining an Organic Name reaction say Friedel’s Crafts Reaction while in JEE the question will relate to the prediction of product using different reagents.Since both of them are different in nature, it is very important to strike a balance between them. Here are some of the tips that will help you to manage both.

1. Familiarize yourself with the SYLLABUS and EXAM PATTERN - JEE requires the knowledge of both 11th and 12th while BOARD just focuses on 12th. Try completing the common topics first, this will help you to cater both JEE and BOARD at a time. JEE is conducted in online mode while BOARD is an offline exam. Attempt all questions in BOARD but for JEE answer those questions which you are confident at. Every wrong answer will cost you (1 mark) in JEE.
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2. PLANNING- It is said, “If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail”. Make a realistic time-table, divide your hours judiciously to both JEE and BOARD exams, include some relaxation activities like some yoga, exercise, badminton, cycling as well. Follow the 0-1-7-15-30 rule to revise.

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3.FOCUS ON THE BASICS- One who is strong at fundamentals can tackle any questions easily even when the difficulty level is increased. It has been found that students in order to complete the syllabus, neglect the core concept of the chapter. This impacts the understanding of other chapters. Like if one neglects States of Matter faces difficulty in solving Equilibrium questions. Don’t run behind completion of everything in the syllabus.

4.GIVE REAL TIME MOCK TESTS- Before one month of the exam, Practice giving mock tests during the examination time, assume that you are actually in the examination hall. This will help you to develop muscle memory, and train your brain cells to remain super active during exam hours. It has been found that students remain active in the morning but not in afternoon, this exercise will help you to train your brain.

5. Practice PYQs – Be it BOARDS or JEE you need to practice Previous year questions to make yourself comfortable with the exam pattern. Practicing chapter wise PYQs after the completion of chapter not only makes concepts strong but also instils confidence.

6. ANSWER WRITING PRACTISE- Board exam tests the subjective domain of your brain while the questions in JEE are MCQ based. To fetch good marks in Board exams, answer writing practice is a must. A good answer is the one that has relevant and adequate content and is written in stipulated time. If your exam is of two hours, develop a habit of completing your test within 1 hour 45 minutes. This will help you to achieve good speed and keep you tension free during exams.

7. RECOGNISE YOUR STRONG AND WEAK AREAS- Do not let any question remain unanswered from your strong area, achieve 100% accuracy in this. Identify your weak areas, learn the concepts, practice the questions, so that you can answer easy to moderate level questions asked from them.

8. ANALYZE YOUR PERFORMANCE AFTER EVERY TEST- Identify the types of mistakes done, document the ones occurring frequently. Practice such types of questions to gain command and be mindful about them while answering the questions in coming tests.

9. RECORDING- Formulas and reactions which you find difficult to remember, record it. Listen to this recording mindfully, when you are occupied in activities other than studying. Make sticky notes of the same.

10.REMAIN POSITIVE- Never forget to relax yourself, eat light and right, do stretching and be confident about your selection.

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