6 Reasons why Mock Tests are Important for Every Competitive Exam

6 Reasons why Mock Tests are important for Every Competitive Exam

Jan 18 2023


Lakhs of students appear for the IIT-JEE, NEET, and BOARD examinations every year but only a few are able to score well. What creates the difference? Out of many other reasons, one of the prominent reasons is - MOCK TEST.

As the examinations are approaching, it becomes essential for the students to strengthen their preparation with the mock tests. Though this phrase sounds cliched, it is a fact that “Practice makes one perfect”. The time just before the examination is the perfect time to club your preparation with mock tests. As you are already done with the syllabus and know the exam pattern, appearing for the mock test is going to act as a stage rehearsal and make you feel confident before the examination.

In this article, we would discuss why giving the mock test is important:

How well you have understood the topic is evident from the fact, of how easily you solve the questions. Appearing for the mock test regularly, not only allows you to be comfortable with the questions but also enhances the application of the concepts. This deepens your understanding and also makes you exam ready.
  • To enhance your performance, you can keep a note of questions and concepts where you get stuck and later work on them.

While appearing for the test, you project yourself in the real-time exam scenario in which you have to solve questions in the stipulated time. This enhances your speed and helps you to manage time effectively. With regular practice, you easily get an idea of how much time needs to be given for a particular type of question or section. This also helps to devise your own strategy, shortcut, and approach to solve the paper.

It is said, “Things which get measured, get improved”. Regular practice of mock tests makes one aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses, the time one takes to solve the question, and mistakes committed. One can easily document the mistakes and abstain from repeating them. It also helps to keep a track of our performance and improve day by day.

Attending the mock test regularly, gives a clear-cut idea as to which chapters are important and what kinds of questions are getting repeatedly asked. This will help you to assign priority to chapters for revision. And also if a similar question gets asked in the exam, you may straight away solve it and save crucial time.

It’s a well-proven fact, that a lot of students feel nervous, and get sweaty palms before the examination. This is due to the lack of practice and confidence. Attending regular mock tests helps you to combat nervousness way before time. This also aids you to develop a strategic approach for the exam. Apart from that, you develop a habit of sitting continuously for 3 hours which is crucial for the exam.

Taking regular mock tests helps you to analyze your performance, and improve your score remarkably. This instills confidence and helps you perform better in examinations.

Hence, in order to put your better foot forward you need to appear for as many mock tests as possible.

Team Narayana wishes you all the very best for your upcoming examination.