Our Teachers

The foundation of Narayana Coaching Centre’s forerunner institute was laid in 1979, serving as the best platform for state-level entrance exams candidates.

Success as per the torchbearers of education is not exclusively reserved for the selected few, but instead a thing of accomplishment for all the students who wish to succeed. The teachers strive hard to bring it out through the constant hard work of the students with proper guidance. It is only after the pearl is prized out of the oyster that you can laud its true extravaganza.

Through the years, the acclaimed Narayana Group of Institutions has successfully composed the top grade earners with jaw-dropping numbers. Thanks to the expert instructions, year-long melding, ample facilities, and continuous monitoring and guidance, that have made it possible for the students to turn their dreams into reality. The wisdom and maturity which happens to be the offspring of our hard-work have been seamlessly blended to become the ultimate reinforcements and catalysts in these ongoing efforts.

We know that the Educational Institutes are evaluated on the basis of their education quality and success rates of students who graduates every year. We are proud of all these at Narayana. Through the years we have been fortunate enough to flag unparalleled results in every niche of education that we involved ourselves in, and needless to say, we are dedicated to building a yardstick in the future too.