Why Narayana All India Test Series is significant for every JEE/NEET aspirant?

  1. NARAYANA ALL INDIA TEST SERIES (NAITS) will provide All India level platform to the students at par with final IIT/NEET examination – 2022
  2. NAITS will give you several chances to get an insight into your performance and fulfil the academic gaps accordingly
  3. The test series will prepare you comprehensively i.e. for all types of exam patterns and levels of exam difficulty
  4. Makes you experience to attempt JEE/NEET several times before the real JEE/NEET, so you gain confidence and give your best performance on the exam day
  5. NAITS comprises Live Online Special Contact Classroom Program (SCCP) to eliminate all conceptual doubts
  6. Teaches you time management skills, so that you are able to attempt the entire question paper within the stipulated time
  7. It consists of test analysis sessions to make you aware of your shortcomings and enhance your strike rate or scores in the paper
  8. It gives u question wise time comparison with other students
  9. To provide a scientific analysis of the performance of the students and to identify their weak areas.
  10. To provide the best possible guidance to the students to overcome their weak topics in all subjects.
  11. Exposer at national level and will get all India Rank with detail error list of every test

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