About Narayana Coaching Centers

For more than forty years, the Narayana Group has established unparalleled standards in academic excellence and has been at the forefront of fulfilling the educational aspirations of IIT-JEE aspirants. Narayana's unwavering dedication to providing a robust educational foundation has resulted in its students receiving exceptional recognition for their remarkable achievements in national and international competitive exams including IIT-JEE, NTSE and International Olympiads.

Consistently producing top performers in the IIT-JEE exam since its inception, Narayana Coaching Centers are now the best coaching centers for IIT-JEE. In 2024, 4 of the top-15 rankers in the IIT-JEE (Open category) were from Narayana. 18 students made their way to the top-50 ranks in the open category, while a total of 30 students were in the top-100 ranks in the open category. Furthermore, Narayana students regularly achieve top ranks in International Science and Mathematics Olympiads.


IIT-JEE Coaching Classes By Narayana Coaching Centers

Narayana Coaching Centers provide Foundation Programmes, 1 year and 2 year IIT-JEE Classroom Programmes, IIT-JEE Crash Course, and IIT-JEE Test Series Programmes. Narayana's innovative approach to teaching, such as micro schedules, test planners, WhatsApp Query Resolution System (WQRS) makes them the top coaching centers for IIT-JEE.

Courses Description

Narayana’s Two-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (TYICP) for IIT-JEE Main & Advanced

1. Two-year Regular Integrated Classroom Programme

This programme is tailored for students who aim to prepare for the IIT-JEE and XII Boards simultaneously. Managing these two exams at the same time can be a tricky task. That is where Narayana Coaching Centers for IIT-JEE come in to help manage this very important pursuit of the students seamlessly and efficiently. The programme provides adequate time for students to build the foundation of important concepts and eventually perfect these concepts with repeated revisions and mock tests provided by the Narayana Coaching Centers.

The integrated programme is composed of 8 units divided into 2 Academic Sessions (4 units per session) to assist students in completing their coursework on time. The extensive review classes, question-and-answer sessions, and practise tests boost their confidence prior to the exam.

2. Narayana’s Apex/Spark Integrated Programme for IIT-JEE Main & Advanced

The courses offered cover IIT-JEE Main & Advanced extensively with over 14000 hours of teaching time divided into four distinct phases. The comprehensive programme features detailed teaching, practice sessions, and review classes.

Before Board Exams Before Board Results After Board Results
Commencement Starting from third week of Feb / First Week of March, 2024 Starting from third week of June, 2024 Starting from second week of July / August, 2024
Frequency 3-4 days per week on weekdays [12-16 hrs per week]
2 days per week on weekends [Saturday & Sunday, 12-16 hrs per week]
3-4 days per week on weekdays [12-16 hrs per week]
2 days per week on weekends [Saturday & Sunday, 12-16 hrs per week]
3-4 days per week on weekdays [12-16 hrs per week]
2 days per week on weekends [Saturday & Sunday, 12-16 hrs per week]

Narayana’s One-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (OYICP) for IIT-JEE Main & Advanced

1. One-year Regular Integrated Classroom Programme

Narayana's One-Year Regular Classroom Course is specifically designed for students who are moving from their eleventh grade to twelfth grade. The program's curriculum has been meticulously developed to encompass the vast syllabus of both the IIT-JEE exam and School/Board Examinations.

One Year Engineering Course for JEE Mains & Advanced (XII)
Commencement Starting from The Second Week of April / First week of May 2024
Frequency 3-4 days a week for weekdays (12-16 hrs per week)
2 days a week for weekends: Saturday & Sunday (12-16 hrs per week)

One-year Dropper/Repeater Classroom Programme

This course is specially designed for students who have completed their XII grade and wish to dedicate a year for IIT-JEE preparation or for students who want to give one more attempt. The programme stands out from other one-year or two-year programs in that it solely focuses on preparing for entrance exams rather than school/board exams. It provides aspirants with comprehensive study materials, test series, and mock tests that enable them to prepare extensively. Additionally, it aims to improve their speed and accuracy in the exam and understanding of fundamental concepts.

One-year Repeater/Dropper Course (XII passed)
Commencement Starting from second week of June / July / August, 2024 to Last week of March 2025
Frequency 4-5 days a week - covers all subjects everyday

Course Highlights

  • Complete Board + IIT-JEE syllabus coverage
  • All India common analysis for rank boosting
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Regular updates about student's performance and attendance
  • Know your potential at All India level through Narayana All-India Test Series
  • Systematic and regular testing systems
  • Well-defined and planned academic year
  • Up to 90% scholarship through NACST
  • Feedback and Micro level analysis
  • Review classes for the entire syllabus
  • All India Test Series + Grand Success Package

Type of Tests:

  • Weekly Test (CPT - Common Practise Test)
  • Fortnightly Test
  • Term Exams
  • Subjective Test
  • All India Test Series
  • Grand Test

Benefits of Joining Narayana

  • N-ACST (Narayana Admission cum Scholarship Test)
  • Narayana’s scientifically well-researched and accurate study material has been developed by our IIT-JEE-expert faculty.
  • Every Narayana student is provided with a specially-designed microschedule and test planners.
  • Faculty at Narayana Coaching Centers provide personalised coaching, and there is an ideal student-faculty ratio.
  • Students attempt an adequate number of IIT-JEE mock tests to improve time management.
  • There are instant paper discussions following each examination.
  • An error list is sent to each student to rectify their mistakes.
  • Narayana’s faculty also provides time-management strategies, stress-busting sessions, and individual counselling.
  • Motivational sessions designed to inspire students for the IIT-JEE exam are given to students.
  • There is frequent and detailed feedback and clarification of students’ doubts to ensure there is no confusion regarding the concepts.
  • This individualised, imaginative and creative approach towards IIT-JEE preparation is the reason why Narayana is the best coaching institute for IIT-JEE.