Engineering (IIT-JEE) Overview

Narayana offers various types of competitive exam preparation courses for the classes starting from Class VI up to Class XII. We at Narayana understand the importance of Engineering Professionals and their tremendous contributions to the world in terms of science, technology, & innovation. So, we have scientifically designed every course to fit every type of student and their calibre. Any student with a zeal to pursue professional studies in the field of Engineering Sciences can find their perfect course to begin their journey towards a successful future.

Why IIT-JEE coaching?

  • Highly qualified & experienced faculty in competitive exam teaching.
  • Simultaneous board & entrance exam preparation
  • Research-based IIT-JEE material with examples & illustrations
  • Assignments covering all models in each sub-topic with error rectification
  • Academic practise for improving concepts & boosting confidence
  • All India Test Series based on the latest IIT-JEE Model
  • Regular feedback + Doubts clarification

Integrated Classroom Program


Class XI studying students (Finished X Moving to XI)

Course Description

The goal is to provide a solid foundation for class XIth and XIIth to make students prepare simultaneously both for BOARD and IIT-JEE. The integrated program consists of 8 units divided into 2 Academic Sessions (4 units in each session) to help students complete their syllabus on time. The extensive revision classes, doubt sessions, and test series helps boost their confidence before the exam.

First Academic Session Class XI

Since all the competitive examinations contain more than 50% of questions from class XIth, the course is designed in a way to lay a strong foundation in the first academic session, so as to integrate the level of both BOARD and IIT-JEE. Regular objective and subjective pattern class tests are conducted to evaluate the performance of the students, and subsequent feedback is sent to the parents at regular intervals.

Second Academic Session Class XII

The second academic session will start in the second / third week of April 2024. The entire syllabus of Class XI is revised before the commencement of the next academic session. In this session, students will be thoroughly prepared for their XII boards as well as the IIT-JEE. The entire syllabus for class XII will be completed by the last week of October 2024 and the revision of class XI will start from the first week of November 2024 and last upto the last week of December 2024. After the board exams, the students will appear for the final round of preparation for IIT-JEE through the All India Grand Test Series and compete against meritorious aspirants across India to evaluate their performance at the national level.

Course Details

Before Board Exams Before Board Results After Board Results
Commencement Starting from third week of Feb / First Week of March, 2023 Starting from third week of June, 2023 Starting from second week of July / August, 2023
Frequency 3-4 days per week on weekdays [12-16 hrs per week]
2 days per week on weekends [Saturday & Sunday, 12-16 hrs per week]
3-4 days per week on weekdays [12-16 hrs per week]
2 days per week on weekends [Saturday & Sunday, 12-16 hrs per week]
3-4 days per week on weekdays [12-16 hrs per week]
2 days per week on weekends [Saturday & Sunday, 12-16 hrs per week]
Note:The frequency of classes, teaching hours & timings may vary from centre to centre. For exact information please contact the respective Narayana Centre.

Course Highlights

  • Complete Board + IIT-JEE syllabus coverage.
  • All India common analysis for rank boosting.
  • Doubt clearing sessions .
  • All India Test Series + Grand Success Package .
  • Research-based study material for physics, chemistry, & mathematics.

Additional Benefits

  • Microbased schedule to provide ample time for revision for XII Boards
  • CPT (Common Practice Test) at all India level will be conducted every week on the IIT-JEE pattern
  • Narayana's All India Test Series, followed by discussion is given to students free of charge in the month of March 2025 for final revision
  • 'Grand Success Package' provides students with approx. 4000 questions for IIT-JEE

Type of Tests:

  • Weekly Test (CPT - Common Practise Test)
  • Fortnightly Test
  • Term Exams
  • Subjective Test
  • All India Test Series
  • Grand Test