The recognition of an organization is significantly influenced by the media. Narayana Coaching Centers maintain an active engagement with the media, continuously informing them about our results and achievements.

We conduct press conferences to showcase our success stories and keep the media updated on our progress in the education sector

At Narayana Coaching Centers, we acknowledge the media's role in highlighting our efforts to improve education, particularly at the competitive and school levels, since our establishment. We are recognized as one of India's best coaching institutes for IIT-JEE and NEET preparation, and our educational content's quality and teaching methodologies' effectiveness have resulted in a high number of selections of our students in NEET and JEE (Main & Advanced).

We are delighted to receive positive and encouraging news every year, not only for our result-oriented approach and continued achievements but also for our contributions to society. To raise brand awareness, we conduct various marketing and advertising campaigns, including scholarship exams such as NACST (Narayana Admission Cum Scholarship Test) and NSAT (Narayana Scholastic Aptitude Test), which provide financial assistance to deserving students.

We promote our brand and services through diverse media channels such as print, television, social media, search engines, and outdoor media. Additionally, we distribute promotional materials such as handbills, flyers, and brochures. To educate and inspire parents and students and enhance our brand awareness, we also conduct informative webinars and seminars regularly.

As we continue to grow and succeed, we acknowledge the immense responsibility and pressure to maintain our brand name. We reassure the media, parents, associates, and partners that we will always strive for authenticity and truthfulness. We welcome any feedback that can help us improve our education delivery system.