About Us

Founder's Message

Education equips a person with the knowledge necessary to make all significant decisions in their lives. A well-educated person has the ability to make decisions based on logical and reasonable arguments. Making the right choices in life leads to success, happiness, and satisfaction.

As an educator, I believe in encouraging learners to choose and create the lives they desire, thereby strengthening the core of the society for all. The right education at the right time can enable a student to accomplish anything they desire.

At Narayana, we share this vision of education and we are committed to nurturing talent and fulfilling Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.

The courses at Narayana have been redesigned to accommodate the changing times, the requirements of the students and the curriculum.

Our courses cater to all of the aspirants' needs, enabling them to succeed in both competitive and Board examinations. Innovative approaches and techniques implemented in our centres keep our students fully informed of the ever-evolving pattern of engineering and medical entrance examinations. As a result of Narayana's time-tested learning methods, we are spreading to remote regions of India and helping students from all walks of life.

The objective is to establish a strong base for students in classes XI and XII, enabling them to prepare simultaneously for both BOARD and NEET exams. The integrated program consists of eight units, separated into two academic sessions with four units in each session, to assist students in completing their syllabus within the allotted time frame. Comprehensive revision classes, doubt sessions, and test series are provided to enhance their confidence before the exam.

"Our goal is to empower you to fulfil your dreams." Today, we reiterate our commitment of over four decades to help you realise your dreams. I wish all of our students a prosperous academic year.

What We Are

One of Asia's largest educational conglomerates, The Narayana Group, educates more than 6,00,000 students throughout 23 Indian states with the help of more than 50,000 teaching and non-teaching staff members. With more than 750 schools, universities, and coaching centres as well as 8 professional colleges, the Narayana family is a thriving and constantly growing academic community.

The Narayana Group is renowned today for creating ground-breaking standards for academic success. Our commitment and confidence to constantly aspire higher and bigger comes from our four decades of expertise in achieving excellence. Our students have a reputation for excelling in national and international competitive exams repeatedly.

By providing a firm educational foundation, the Narayana group is dedicated to nurturing the potential in every student. The nature of education is dynamic and ever-changing in the twenty-first century, we understand this and are all constantly working and innovating to create an unparalleled, futuristic educational atmosphere.

Our vision


The Narayana Educational Institutions believe that strong will and determination are the driving forces behind achieving one’s goals and aspirations. A firm intention and passion are necessary for the pursuit of excellence.


At Narayana, we refuse to limit ourselves and strive to grow constantly. We believe in continuous innovation and progress to make our institutes ready for the future. This forward-thinking is essential for any institution to excel.


The field of education is one of service. To do greater things, one's journey must have a purpose. In its service to the nation and mankind, the Narayana Group will continue to empower students by providing them all the skills and resources they require to triumph in their respective lives.

Our Mission

We are determined to develop competitiveness among students so that they are always inspired to perform at their highest potential. Introducing this zeal for competition will help them reach the zenith in both competitive examinations and in life.

Academic rigour

To aid in the development of a natural capacity to comprehend concepts, master its content, experiment with methods, and carefully implement difficult methodologies.

Zeal of competition

The Narayana group values and encourages healthy competition among students as a way to get them ready for challenges in and out of the classroom.

Zenith of Success

The Narayana Group leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the academics of its students. We strive to employ every method that helps students make the most of their potential and reach the top of their respective fields.