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Foundation Courses at NARAYANA

IIT-JEE and NEET are two of the most competitive exams in the country. Students enrol every year in large numbers to get into the best engineering and medical colleges in the country. The reputation that these top Indian universities possess has long transcended international borders. The alumni of these institutions are at the helm of some of the most important organisations in the world. Naturally, that motivates students to give everything they have to the preparation of these exams.

When the stakes are high and the competition is this intense, it is always better to get a head start on preparation. This is where Narayana’s Foundation Courses for IIT-JEE and NEET play an important role. They help students develop an early understanding of important concepts in science and mathematics. Narayana’s Foundation Courses also provide students with the right preparation strategy and approach towards examinations. When students start early, they have more time to adjust to the competitive environment, and they are less likely to get overwhelmed.

Our Courses

Narayana offers 1, 2, and 3-year Foundation Courses starting with grades VIII, IX, and X for both IIT and NEET. These specially designed courses for each grade allow us to guide students effectively whenever they start their preparation.

Narayana Foundation Courses are designed to prepare students for various types of competitive examinations, such as International Olympiads, NTSE, INSPIRE, and to lay a solid foundation for a successful career after grade 12.

The following are details specific to each type of course offered at Narayana:

Type No. of Days Duration Frequency Start Date Eligibility
One year Foundation course 2 to 3 Days/Week* 300 hours 9 Hours/week March/April/May VII-Appeared/ VIII Studying IX-Appeared/ X Studying
Two year Foundation course 2 to 3 Days/Week* 600 hours 9 Hours/week March/April/May VIII-Appeared/ IX Studying
Three year Foundation course 2 to 3 Days/Week* 900 hours 9 Hours/week March/April/May VII-Appeared/ VIII-Studying

Test During the Course

(For School/Board Exams)


  • Narayana offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the science and mathematics syllabus for IIT-JEE and NEET Foundation, as well as preparing students for MAT and social sciences.
  • Their research-based study material is designed to gradually increase the difficulty of questions, fostering the development of analytical and logical skills in students.
  • The Foundation Programme follows Narayana's Micro-Schedule, which provides an hourly plan to ensure efficient preparation.
  • The course is taught by Narayana's NEET and IIT-experts who assist students with the exam process and provide helpful advice and solutions.
  • Narayana schedules regular tests for both school exams and various Olympiads. Additionally, students are provided with a special book called Fast Track & Trickopedia that includes tips and tricks for quick problem-solving.
  • Narayana Foundation Courses also include the Narayana Scholastic Aptitude Test (NSAT), which establishes a strong foundation for entrance tests in engineering and medical colleges.
  • For both JEE and NEET Foundations, Narayana provides Micro-Assignments, a special booklet of question banks and a test series course for Olympiads and scholarship exams.
  • To ensure consistent practice and revision, students receive Model Test Papers, Home Assignments, and Online Test Series.
  • n-Learn, a comprehensive educational tool that covers everything from teaching and learning to testing and evaluation, is also available to students taking Narayana Foundation courses.
  • Narayana offers an All-India common analysis program to boost students' ranks.

The Admission Process

Aspirants can enrol in Narayana’s Admission Cum Scholarship Test (NACST) to avail scholarships up to 90% and instant admission.