How to Manage Stress During JEE Preparation

How to manage stress during JEE preparation?

Feb 03 2023

How to manage stress during JEE preparation?

When it comes to competitive examinations, JEE is rated as one of the most difficult examinations in India to clear. Getting stressed while studying/ during the process is quite normal. What matters in this preparation is how we handle and manage stress to be in our favor.

Let’s have a look on the cheat sheet on how to manage stress before the exams?

It has been found that we often get stressed when a lot of things are there in our mind and we aren’t able to decide the sequence. Write down your thoughts, assign priorities, make a to-do list, be realistic while planning, attach a deadline to your work and start working on it.

Accept the fact that- No one can complete everything in the syllabus. Be in a flow with your coaching, study the same topic that is going on there. If the left chapter has relation with the ongoing one, complete it during break or else just leave them. Come to the left-over part once you are done with your syllabus.

Example- If you could not study Mole concept, you are likely to face difficulty while solving questions on States of Matter and every other chapter of Physical Chemistry but if you could not study Hydrogen, it won’t make things that difficult.

See, everyone is different and has a different pace of studying, so, don’t compare yourself with your fellow classmates. Work at your pace and strive to be a better version of yours . Remember the end goal of all the aspirants is the same- Clearing JEE, so, focus on the same.*A humble note to parents: - Believe in your child’s hard work and don’t compare them with others.

Taking tests help one to analyze oneself periodically, but not scoring up to the mark brings stress. Worrying over the low marks won’t be beneficial, rather analyzing your performance, identifying your weak areas and working upon them, will give you benefit.

If you are a night owl, or find late night study cool. You need to read this. When we remain awake till late night our brain and ultimately our muscles develop a habit of being active at that time. This means the activity rate is slower in Morning. The fun fact is your examinations are going to be held in the morning. So, to achieve optimum results from your body you need to train them accordingly.

Sleep is the activity with which our brain and all the cells of our body relax. Ideally, a human should sleep for 7 continuous hours. This is the only way to recharge your body for the coming day. Don’t fall prey to tutorials saying to reduce sleep timing.

You know how crucial this examination is for you. A bad diet can lead to different health related issues, thereby, killing your precious time. So, be conscious of what you are eating.

This examination demands long hours of self-study which makes our lifestyle stagnated. So, do include some physical activities like Badminton, Cycling, Brisk walk after meals, jogging, yoga etc. Remember a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This will make your memory strong, and you will be able to learn more in stipulated time.

Once you complete your decided targets, do include some fun for yourself. Hang out with friends, watch comedy shows, talk with your parents, do whatever that makes you feel light. Make sure you relax in your dedicated time only. Devoting extra time for fun leads to wastage of your time, invites overthinking and brings stress.

Team Narayana wishes you all the very best for your exams.